Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer at ALAN to help people affected by a rare disease.

Why volunteer?

For more than 20 years, volunteering as been a key aspect of ALAN. It is an essential part in our efforts to fulfil our mission. Indeed, we would not be able to organise as many events and activities for our members if it were not for the invaluable support from our volunteers.

Becoming a volunteer at ALAN to help people affected by a rare disease is a rewarding and enriching experience. Volunteering can give you a feeling of fulfilment like nothing else. It allows you to share your skills, while having a good time in the company of a committed and motivated team of likeminded people.

If you would like to dedicate some of your time, skills and expertise for a good cause and tangible actions, join us and become a volunteer at ALAN!

essential to fulfil our mission

to organise events and activities

to help people is a rewarding and enriching experience

to share your skills

to have a good time with a committed and motivated team

Types of volunteering

You do not need any experience working with people with special needs. Some volunteers help regularly, while others do so at specific occasions only. Everyone can contribute, according to their skills, preferences and available time.

We are looking for volunteers who can support us in the following aspects:

supporting participants in our adapted physical activities, in particular, at the Rehazenter swimming pool and at equestrian therapy,

representing ALAN at informational booths,

translating documents,

accompanying our members at excursions,

helping out at festivities and events (waitressing, dishwashing etc),

doing odd manual jobs (DIY, decorations etc).

How to become a volunteer?

If you are interested in joining our network of volunteers, we invite you to fill out this form.

We will then get in touch with you to set up a first meeting where we can get to know each other a bit more.

Your personal data will be processed to manage your application & volunteer work in accordance with ALAN’s data protection policy.

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