Organisational Chart


The association ALAN was founded in 1998 to support and inform Luxembourg-based individuals affected by neuromuscular diseases.

In 2005, the association expanded its activities to serve people affected by other rare diseases.

ALAN was declared of public utility on the 29th of April 2000.

On the 1st of July 2009 ALAN received its accreditation by the Ministry of Health as a “Centre de consultation et traitement socio-thérapeutique pour personnes souffrant de problèmes médico-psycho-sociaux et notamment de problèmes en relation avec les maladies neuromusculaires et les maladies rares“ under the registration number  SANTE 84/09 (new registration numbers 2021/19 & 2020/02)

In 2014, the association simplified its title from “ALAN – Association Luxembourgeoise d’aide aux personnes Atteintes de Maladies Neuromusculaires et de Maladies Rares“ to “ALAN – Maladies Rares Luxembourg“.

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