Board of directors

ALAEC – Association Luxembourgeoise d’Aide aux Enfants Cardiaques


represented by Michel Colin, ALAEC’s president

In addition to his degree in social work (assistant d’hygiène sociale), Michel holds a continuing education degree in service management in the health care sector. His career led him from multi-sector medico-social and social work to the Ministère de la Sécurité sociale (and then the Ministère de la Famille), to subsequently assume management positions in the disability sector. At the age of 58, he made the choice to “return to the roots”.

He is a founding member and president of the board of directors of the Association Luxembourgeoise d’Aide aux Enfants Cardiaques asbl (ALAEC) whose main missions are:

  • To encourage initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of hospitalized children and their relatives and to support them if necessary;
  • To create connection and promote mutual aid and solidarity;
  • To raise awareness among the public and political decision-makers, defend the interests of those concerned and collaborate with public authorities and national and international associations;
  • To provide assistance in covering costs related to the heart disease (treatments, hospitalization, travel, etc.);
  • To financially support scientific research in the field of congenital and acquired heart diseases during childhood and their treatment;
  • To listen, support and guide on a social, moral and psychological level;
  • To answer administrative, financial and institutional questions.

Michel wishes to bring his experience as a social worker and in the health care sector, as well as the weight of his association, to ALAN’s Board of Directors to contribute to the activities and the development of ALAN in the interest of people with a rare disease.

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