Open letter regarding the COVID-19 pandemic – December 2021

Tackling the 4th wave of coronavirus infections quickly is critical, as we are in a race against time.

Through a public letter, ALAN and 9 partner associations are launching a public appeal for vigilance, solidarity and respect, while recalling the essential facts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

We invite you to read the entire public letter (in French) by clicking the button below

Supported by:

  • Association Luxembourgeoise des Hémophiles a.s.b.l.
  • ALLM
  • Syndrome de Marfan asbl
  • EDS Lëtzebuerg asbl
  • Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner asbl
  • ELA Luxembourg
  • Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (aide aux enfants atteints d’un cancer)
  • Häerzkrank Kanner Lëtzebuerg ALAEC
  • Trisomie21 Lëtzebuerg asbl